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Best Haircuts to Disguise Baldness

The Best Haircuts to Disguise Baldness

If you want to find the best haircuts to hide or disguise your baldness, look no farther. Now, before we get started, let us say that this is really best used as a temporary fix. Our advice is to use a Minoxidil based shampoo for male pattern baldness, hormone based treatments for female baldness, and then to use your hair style to disguise the baldness while waiting for your hair to grow back, because no matter how clever you are in styling your hair, all it takes is a strong breeze to blow your cover.

Now then, on with the styling tips!

Apart from the SHORT HAIR video above.

The Dome

If you want to just take the easy way out, shave your head. Obviously, this is an easier fix for men than for women, but it does work. People aren't looking to see if you're balding, they just think "Man that guy looks cool!" Bald is the new sexy, and girls love it. It makes you look manly, but with just a touch of vulnerability, and that's what women want. It means you're tough, but sensitive, so this is a pretty good fix.

Big Hair

A great way to disguise baldness is to just make your hair too big for anyone to notice. If you've got some nice curly or kinky hair, you can go with the afro (or white boy afro). If you have straighter hair, you can use the pompadour. Another option is to grow your hair long and do something like a Beatles mop top sort of look.

The Combover

We know what you're saying "A combover? Ugh! I want to hide my baldness, not call attention to it!" Well we're not talking about the Homer Simpson two hair combover, but rather, a good combover. For example, why not go for a rocker look with long hair? You can throw your hair over the top and it'll just look like you have it parted on one side rather than like you're trying to hide something. Whenever you do any sort of combover, you want to use some hairspray, gel or other styling product to hold it in place, or else it'll simply slide right out of place and your secret is exposed.

The Hat

Okay, not really a practical solution, but there's no reason not to develop a liking for hats while waiting for your hair to grow back. As you know, your options for hair are limited when your hair itself is limited, so what you really want to do is refer to this article as a temporary fix, and then do something real to fix your hair issue.
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