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3 Streamers Who Committed Suicide On LiveStream

Published on Dec 16, 2016
The first video about Live Streamers who Committed Suicide Live on Stream. This video is controversial simply because of it's premise.

This is a video idea I've had for several months but didn't want to make it because I wasn't sure if I could do a good enough job with it.

I thought a video like this had the potential to get quite a bit of attention. Because of that I saw this as a good opportunity to spread a POSITIVE MESSAGE. Instead of just talking about the streams I actually add my opinion and try to discourage people from doing something like this.

I wrote and rewrote the script many many times to make sure I did as good of a job as possible with it. I hope this video does well for the simple fact that it is my means to spread a positive message and have a positive impact on people.

Feel free to subscribe if you thought I did a good job with conveying a positive message.

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