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What is Fake News? - And Why We Fall for it... How Fake News Goes Viral

What is fake news and why do we fall for it?

"You know I've been hearing a lot about fake news recently and as someone who spent a lot of time on youtube I already know that everything's fake and the reason people read fake news for the juicy ass abused boy you can't report a good scoop that's going to get you lots of clicks then you just make it up that's what  printers have been doing for years and it's just now that the news media  starting to catch up.

I mean that could be why after all CNN broadcast porn for 30 minutes straight CNN desperate hungry for views it was reported all over the place i mean this article that broke it has 50,000 shares was on the front page of reddit was on fox news on the  independent Drudge Report  mashable the New York Post The Daily Mail variety can't believe that CNN broadcast 30 minutes of trans porn straight up. except, the one crazy thing about that story is that I dont know how to break this but it actually didn't happen that was also a fake news and got you gotta this started from one random guy posting on Twitter at CNN is straight-up porn right now what happened 1 like and from that one sweet it was covered by the independent they got 50,000 shares and it was based on one  fucking tweet and in the two days that CNN struck figure out what happened it's already  been consumed by 20 million people and the  minds of public it's already real at that point now the original guys who broadcast this story it's so fun when they realize that they got it wrong and didn't happen and they  base their entire fucking scoop on one day between 11 like that's journalism they're out there in the field scooping up the juice is bits they changed the headline here's how they do this CNN denies and 30 minutes of our corn it's like you started the rumor  you don't get  to denied the rumor you started we're not acknowledging that maybe we've got it wrong and why to millions of people all i know is that they're denying it so it may still happen and it's certainly not our fault news stations are essentially pranksters at this point on youtube.

Now a lot of these fake news articles are being perpetuated and shown to people on facebook on their new news trending tab which shouldn't be any surprise to anyone people on facebook are notoriously global at all those back to you too prankster soflo ruined youtube left YouTube came to facebook and now so close running facebook look at this recent post by  soflo 33 million views no veteran should be treated like this wow that is simple i love you think you're entitled to your military even deserve all these special privileges it's not approval  it's a discount privileges getting to go home to go home to your family every night single  woman  three country because some people  give what their privileges people like you nice really started I don't want  to order and share this video if you want to support our troops one like saves one life one share equals free burger king for one veteran oh my god this is like the fakest stupidest ship i have ever seen it makes me cringe you feel it in the pit of your stomach  right you feel it's like get you it's like kidney disease feel like I just got liver cancer something watching that now all of us we've been on YouTube one if we know this is so Chloe antics this is just fake media and it's so faith it's so stupid but people are so eager to believe it's real because it just confirms their beliefs or place to the basic emotions that look I'll click that motherfucking like but there's people out there and I shit you not who actually have notifications on for so flows page and 1.3 million people shared this thinking oh yet that really happened if we're living in a post  fact  era where things are spread so fast that by the time it's already been consumed improvement fake it's already helped to be true the only tool we have against combating these fake news stories gone wrong on sexual gone buck on blowjob is our minds you have to think for yourself because the news it's no longer safe I think the part of problems that we've always held the news to this upheld standard of facts and truth news but that doesn't exist anymore you gotta treat it like watching Joey salads video think about does this make sense  does this happen in a rational world  guys hold almost set

I can't believe this shocking news coming in right now apparently Trump just bought soflo entertainment what apparently have a quote from   Trump  hold on here listen to this guy's I Donald J Trump officially announce see that so flows by  favorite facebook page by five by five very easily i would smash that  motherfucking like but every time it also  turned out notifications they'd be so labeled I have to tell you he is by far the most reputable do source for better than the crooked media  easily folks easily that is why I've decided to buy soflo for 20 billion dollars so flow is so much better than Rosie whos so fat, so  disgusting right by your President Donald J Trump am officially announcing that I will kill Rosie or Donald by fiery squared it's gonna take a lot of good folks a lot against she is so disgusting. "

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