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Dave Chappelle - R. KELLY'S "PISS ON YOU" - Music Video

update: "Piss on you Remix" at the end of page!

Lyrics to Piss On You :


Its the premium
40oz of malt liquor make me wanna tell ya somethin
I say, rollin' around,
sittin' on dubs
cat like eye, was high on shrubs,
Coolin' in my Escalade,
Man I'm paid, I got it made,
Take me to your special place,
Close your eyes show me your face,
I'm gonna piss on it.

Haters gotta hate,

Lovers wanna love,
I don't even want,
None of the above,
I want to piss on you.
Yes I do, I'll piss on you,
I pee on you.

I said yo body, yo body,

Is a portapotty,
And I pee out kit(?),
And I pee on you,
Drip, drip, drip,
Pee on you,
Piss on you, piss on you,

You won't feel quite the same,

Once you get a whiff of my Hershey stains,
I wanna piss on you, too,
I want to pee in yo food,
Only thing that make my life complete,
Is when I turn yo face into a toliet seat,
I want to pee on you,
Yes I do, pee on you,
I'll piss on you


Won't you braid my hair,

Before you start, Im gonna fart,
I wanna fart on you

Piss on you Remix:

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