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12 Actors Who Treat Fellow Cast Members Like Trash

We all like to imagine that our favorite actors and actresses are great people in real life. Sure, they might play a jerk onscreen once in awhile, but that's just acting, right? It's what they do. Well, with great fame comes great entitlement, and some of Hollywood's finest are just plain nasty at times. Each of these actors have earned a bad rep for the way they behave between takes, be it talking down to craft services, warring with co-stars, or fighting with directors. Maybe they were all just having a bad day...over and over again. Here are a few of the big-name actors people hate working with...

Val Kilmer 
Alec Baldwin 
Shia LaBeouf 
Chevy Chase 
Mandy Patinkin 
Mike Myers 
Gwyneth Paltrow
Katherine Heigl 
Patrick Dempsey 
Bruce Willis 
Teri Hatcher 
Steven Seagal 

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