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Eugenia Cooney The YouTuber Slowly Killing Herself

Published on Oct 3, 2016
How Long Until YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Dies of Anorexia?
This video is the full story of Eugenia Cooney.

Eugenia Cooney has been accused of being anorexic. In this video I prove that she is anorexic and that she is harming other people. I cover the Onision / Onision Speak / UhOhBro videos and Eugenia Cooney's response to them.
I discuss how it is almost certain that Eugenia Cooney is using her anorexic body to gain subscribers and views and how her entire channel is built around empowering and inspiring eating disorders.

Eugenia Live streams on YouNow and earns money from people donating to her. In my opinion Eugenia is taking YouTube for a ride and profiting off it. Eugenia Cooney would not have anywhere near 700k Subscribers if it weren't for her anorexia / eating disorder.


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